IdentityX Infinity Platform

 A Flexible Platform = Freedom of Choice

  • Want to keep using your tokens until your contract ends?
  • Need to preserve your Active Directory password system for a unique user subset?
  • Have some users who want to use their cool new iPhone fingerprint reader?

No problem.  The new IdentityX Infinity Platform allows you to select from a number of entirely different authentication systems and manage them as part of a holistic security approach. You can pick and choose your preferred security factors and even transition from one authentication system to another in a controlled manner.

Our Platform is also flexible enough for users to continue using older security systems and layer them together with technologies yet to be fully deployed, or even devices that are not universally available. You have the choice to integrate new solutions, creating your desired levels of security as appropriate and thereby protecting yourself from obsolescence.

platform diagram(1)

Freedom of choice is the key – you have the choice to preserve your existing security systems, integrate a biometric component, and future-proof your overall security approach, all from a single flexible platform.If you’re ready to consider a large-scale solution with the flexibility to accommodate diverse security systems, the IdentityX Infinity Platform provides a holistic security environment which gives you the freedom to keep your existing security systems and integrate new solutions as they become available. You’ll be able to offer more choices to your user base, and control the entire process as you switch from one authentication method to another, so you can adapt as technologies change and threats arise.

Together, the IdentityX Authenticator solutions and Platform offer:

Table for platform and authenticator